Monday, September 21, 2009

For me, this is blog attempt number 4 after forgetting my first blogs name and then forgetting my passwords for the 2 that followed...but not this time, not yet anyway..
I'm here at home on a Monday night already feeling wrecked from what feels like a full weeks work and filled with rage after coming across the Irish apprentice on TV......what sort of douuchebag crop are these people the cream of??
Adam (the boyf - thanks smash hits) is sitting across from me and Chief Chirpa (the dog) is chomping on a teddy as if it was the Quint to his Jaws. Life is pretty good.
Its taken a while to set this up so I think I'll keep this first post short and uneventful. I'm 56% of the way through Batman on the xbox so I have some catching up to do tonight.
If you find my other blogs out there tell them where I am and ask them to come find me.


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