Monday, March 8, 2010

Lost and found continued

I lost it again! how do you lose a blog you say? well, for me its easy - especially when I'm aided and abetted by a superior goldfish memory. I've had a poor memory for as long as I can't remember and its become progressively more difficult to get through the days as I seem to need passwords and numbers to do everything from getting into my home to calling home..

Anyhoo, i'll keep at it. I'm hoping one of the many blog/twitter/facebook/myspace/linked in accounts will eventually stick with me but it ain't easy when you're a little paranoid and select new and overly complicated passwords with each new set up. Worse still is that this paranoia (fueled by delusions of waking up one day to find myself in a sandra bullock situation; my driver's license. my credit cards. my bank accounts. my identity. DELETED) has caused me to create passwords so removed from anything related to my life that even the most talented savant couldn't string the code together :/

So, whats been happening with you?

Me? I've been traveling, playing campaign board games and BSG. Finished batman and started dragon age on the Xbox, gotten through alot of movies and listened to some new music, run a fundraising event and joined the gym (the biggest achievment in the gym so far was turning up 4 nights in a row....actually turning up was about the extent of my activity though).

I watched the oscars on Sunday night which is probably a good topic to start properly blogging about. I was over the moon for Jeff 'star-dude' Bridges. This may have been one of Oscars last chances to give him an award and it was about time too.

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